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  1. Include ALL furniture items that will be moved to your new home. Simply enter the quantity of each item as it applies to your home.
  2. Don't forget the boxes! We have provided a Carton/Box Guide to help determine how many boxes you will need for your move. If you are unsure of how many boxes you'll have on moving day, plug in the figures from the Box Guide or give us a call and we'll help you figure it out.
  3. Make sure to enter the mileage between stops as accurately as possible. The California Public Utilities Commission regulates movers and by law movers charge double drive time. Simply enter the accurate one-way mileage and this application will take care of the rest.


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Living, Dining, Kitchen

Living Room
  Bench Desk, Small Sofa, Love Seat
  Bookcase, Large Entertainment Center Sofa
  Bookcase, Small Footstool Table, Coffee, End etc
  Cabinet, Music Lamps Table, Sofa Back
  Chair, Arm/Rocker Mirror Tube TV, 25" to 38"
  Chair, Occasional Pictures (under 16x20) Flat TV to 55"
  Chair, Overstuffed Pictures (over 16x20) Misc Sm (ie mag racks)
  Clock, Grandfather Plant Stand Misc
  Desk, Secretary Sofa, sectional # pieces  
Dining Room
  Buffet, Bottom (1 piece) Chairs, Dining/Straight Teacart
  Cab., China, Buffet, Top Server¬†    
  Cabinet, Corner Table, Dining  
  Bakers Rack High Chair Table, Small
  Chairs, Straight Microwave Utility Cart/Cabinet
  Breakfast Table Stool  
Section totals
  # of Pieces  
  Living Room:    
  Dining Room:    

Bedrooms, Office

  Amoire, Wardrobe Chair, Boudoir Mirror
  Amoire, Antique/Large Chair, Straight Night Stand
  Bed, Bunk Chest of Drawers Treadmill
  Bed, Double Clothes Hamper Vanity Dresser
  Bed, King/Queen Dresser, Dbl (Mr & Mrs) Misc Sm (ie mag racks)
  Bed, Single Exercise Bike Misc
  Cedar Chest      
  Bookcase, Lg File Cabinet, 4 Drawer Table, Conference
  Bookcase,Sm File Cabinet, 2 Drawer Table, Folding
  Chairs Office Machines Table, Small
Desk, Small Sofa Utility Cart / Cabinet
  Desk, Office        
Section totals
  # of Pieces  

Garage, Appliances, Large Items

  Ladder, Extension Chairs, Folding Tool Chest
  Ladder, Step Foot Locker Trash Can
  Lawn Mower Metal Shelves Trunk
  Bicycle Power Tools Work Bench
Cabinet, Storage Table, Utility Misc Items
  Refrigerator, Top/Bottom Washer Oven/Stove
  Refrigerator, Side by side Dryer
  Freezer Dishwasher
Large/Bulky Items
  Piano, Baby Grand Big Screen TV
  Piano, Spinet Pool Table
  Piano, Upright Pinball Mach/Video Game
Section totals
  # of Pieces  

Patio, Misc, Boxes/Finish

  Barbeque Glider / Setee Umbrella
  Chairs, Lawn Picnic Table Misc Sm Patio Pcs
  Chairs, Lounge Picnic Bench    
  Grdn Hose & Tools Table, Patio
Misc Items
  Fan or Heater Plants, Sm Suitcase
  Ironing Board Rug, Sm (Roll or Pad) Misc Small Items
  Plants, Lg Rug, Lg (Roll or Pad)  
  Boxes, Small Wardrobe Boxes
  Boxes, Medium Each wardrobe box holds about 2ft of closet hanging space.
  Boxes, Large  
Section totals
  # of Pieces  
  Misc. Items:    
  Total Boxes:    
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